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Dinger II Wheeled Bat Bag - NO ERRORS

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Ordinary baseball bags give you room for your bats and one or two other items, but thats about it. What are you supposed to do with the rest of your equipment? The No Errors The Dinger Baseball Bat Bag has the solution! We give you far more storage than conventional baseball bags, so you can finally carry everything without having to lug multiple gear bags with you.

Simplify travel to and from the field with the best of the baseball bat bags on the market today! Order the No Errors The Dinger Baseball Bat Bag now. 

  • Room for four, full-size 34-inch bats
  • 3 central pockets with an integrated shelving system
  • Towel rings on each side - Velcro holder for your batting glove
  • A total of 15 pockets in all
  • 2 hideaway hooks for attaching your mitt, your hat and other items
  • FATBOY WHEEL TECHNOLOGY - Our extra wide rubberized wheels can hold 500 pounds of weight and allow our baseball equipment bag to roll effortlessly over all types of terrain.
  • STRONG ZIPPER - The #10 lubricated zippers on our baseball bag hold up to wear and tear and move with ease.
  • LOCKER TAG - Add your name and contact information to the baseball bat bag, so it will never get lost or mixed up.
  • EMBROIDERY PATCH - Removable patch can be embroidered with your team name or player number and then added to the handles or straps for personalization.
  • BUMPER BOTTOM -The bumper keeps the baseball bat bag lifted off the ground to reduce wear and tear.
  • RAIL & HANGER SYSTEM - You can easily hang this baseball bag on the fence for easy access in the dugout.